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Intorduction To Scented Tea

Scented tea, also known as the fumigated tea, or fragrant flower tea. The basic tea is fumigated with flowers to extract its essence. Scented tea is mainly produced in Fujian, Guangxi, Yunnan, Sichuan and Zhejiang provinces.


Chrysanthemum has a history of more than 2.000 years in China and can be divided into Gongju, Hangbaiju, white chrysanthemum and yellow chrysanthemum. It is mainly produced in Anhui and Zhejiang and the neighboring areas.

The chrysanthemum, slightly cool in property, can reduce body heat, detoxify, detumescence, is diuretic, nourishes liver, eyesight, lowers blood pressure and soothes nerves. In addition to making liquid, it can be used to make conjee or dishes. What’s more, using pillows made with the dry chrysanthemum can help cure insomnia.

Yellow chrysanthemum, tastes a little bitter, is more effective in fever-clearing and detoxifying: the white chrysanthemum tastes sweet in oriental tea sets and is more effective for the liver and improving eyesight.

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